What is Data Transmission Mode ?

data transmission mode

What is Data Transmission Mode ?:-

Data Transmission mode depicts the direction of the data flow between the interconnected networks during data communication. These are also known as ‘communication’ modes.

There are three types of transmission nodes, namely:

  • Simplex
  • Half Duplex
  • Full Duplex

The figure shows the categories of data transmission mode in a diagrammatic way.

data transmission mode

Let us learn about the type of data transmission modes in detail.

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In this mode, a data flow is unidirectional. This means data flow is in one direction either from the sender or from the receiver. TV broadcast network, fire simplex data transmission mode security alarm, computer, and keyboard communication are some common examples of the simplex transmission mode.

Half Duplex:

In a half-duplex data transmission mode, a data flow is bidirectional. This means that there is a transmission of data flow between the sender and receiver in both directions. Data
transmission between the connected nodes is not simultaneous. This transmission takes more time because one device is sending data and another device is receiver data at
the same time. Example: modem communication, printer application, communication with a walkie-talkie, etc.


Full Duplex:

In this mode, data is transmitted simultaneously between the sender and receiver in both directions over a serial link. For this transmission, two wires are required by
the sending device to send data over the serial link. Data bandwidth is shared by both the sender and receiver. Example: telephone network.

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